This holiday
season, give

to somebody

dear to you

Yes! I want to give MY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE as a gift now.

Looking for a meaningful gift for someone really special?

You’re in the right place!

My Gratitude Challenge is a unique experience, both memorable and fun! Plus, it will show your special person that you have put a lot of thought and care into choosing their Christmas gift this year.

It will stand out among other gifts, pique their curiosity and bring a smile to their face – that’s a promise!

Best of all: it will improve their overall wellbeing and health in the long-term.

A 28-day program that teaches how
to practise gratitude to be happier,
healthier and calmer, even when the
outer world is in chaos.

how it works:

Daily videos
Uplifting messages and gratitude exercises

Gratitude Box
Symbolic goodies that can be opened on certain days of the Challenge

Live group calls and FB group with fellow participants (optional)

“I received My Gratitude Challenge from my dear sister and I loved it.”

– Ola Fluda –

what’s inside:


28 short daily videos

full of inspiration, insights and hands-on tips on how to practise gratitude for better mental health


28 daily exercises

to find the good in life, to appreciate the past, to cherish the present and to look forward to the future


Gratitude Box

delivered to participant’s home! It’s full of delightful goodies that help the participant to complete the daily exercises. Think: Advent Calendar! You’re not only gifting an online course but also a few tangible things that are guaranteed to make people smile!



Two optional live group calls and a Facebook group to deepen the practice of gratitude and connect with fellow participants


Multiple bonusses

journaling exercises, meditations, affirmations, inspirational quotes and music!

“My Gratitude Challenge elevated my mood, reduced my stress levels, and changed my perspective on some of the current difficulties in my life.”

– Irina Marjina –

Let’s make
someone special
very happy

Let’s make
someone special
very happy

6 ways to benefit from

My Gratitude Challenge

An instant mood-booster
My Gratitude Challenge videos help participants to start the day on a right note so they are ready to face whatever is coming their way

My Gratitude Challenge makes it easy (because it’s fun!) to schedule that luxurious time alone and to dedicate it to inner work.

an opportunity to gain a new perspective, reconcile the past and find reassurance that not all is as bad as it sometimes looks.

The anticipation, the surprise, the delight, it’s all in there!
The inner child is SPOILED with the wonderfully packed and thoughtful goodies in the Gratitude Box!

FB group and the live groups calls help participants to deepen their gratitude practice, strengthen their commitment and make new friends.

Better mental health
gratitude improves our overall wellbeing, ability to copen with short- and long-term stress and builds our resilience.

“ I felt generally more relaxed during those weeks when I participated in My Gratitude Challenge. I loved the ‘handholding’ nature of the program, meaning that Anna was always there for me and helped to keep the spirit”

– Zoltan Szilagyi –

our participants:


have a growth mindset and are passionate about self-development.

They like the promise of better mental health through gratitude, and they understand the importance of taking a good care of themselves. They know instinctively that living gratefully is the right thing to do and they are keen to discover the wonders it can do for them.


are going through something difficult right now and need support.

It’s been a rough month or even a year, but they refuse to give in and lose hope. They want something to offset all the negativity around them. They understand that staying grateful doesn’t minimize their challenges, but that it makes it easier to get through them.


have been through something life-changing.

Perhaps recently, or perhaps years ago, but overcoming their challenges has given them a new appreciation for life that they want to keep fresh and well, knowing that it’s all too easy to take things for granted and to spiral down into negativity.

“Signing up for the Challenge is one of the best things I could have done in this season of my life. I’m coming out of the 28 days feeling very positive and grateful.”

– Fungai Mettler –




1. Place your order here.

Make sure to order latest on December 24 to have your gift delivered on Christmas.

2. Check your email.

We’ll send an order confirmation and a receipt so you can be absolutely sure that your order went through. 

3. Look forward to December 24*!

We’ll send an email to the person who is getting the Challenge from you on December 24 with the title: ‘You got a gift from (your name)! Welcome to My Gratitude Challenge!’.

The email will come with a lovely note explaining My Gratitude Challenge and the next steps, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You’ll be on cc, so if you like, you can follow up with a personal note too! **

* We can also send the email on December 25 if that fits better with your tradition. Tick the right date in the checkout process.

** We can also include your personal note in our email. Type it in the ‘Comments’ field when placing the order and we’ll make sure to send it along.


“Life changing! The videos were so comforting, and I loved putting them on around 8:30 each morning and starting my day this way. I really loved the Challenge from A to Z.”

– Laurence Kozera –


+ What if the person to whom I’m gifting the Challenge, can’t take part in February?

Don’t worry! There’s going to be at least one more Challenge in 2023 so if not now, they can use the gift to participate later – they only need to let me know first by emailing and I’ll make sure we move them to the next edition.

+ Can I gift it to a person anywhere in the world?

 The Challenge comes with a Gratitude Box that needs to be sent to the participant and right now I’m shipping it only within Europe (and shipping cost is included). I feel confident with the shipping options and can guarantee that the Box will arrive on time, but I can’t say the same for shipping outside of Europe. So far, the Box has travelled to the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Portugal, Denmark and I would be glad to add another country to that list!

That said, if you are really committed to gifting it to someone who lives outside of Europe, we can still make it work. Make sure to sign up early, order the Gratitude Box to come to your home and then ship it further asap. My Gratitude Challenge has already travelled like this to US and Colombia, so where there’s a will, there’s a way!

+ How much time does it take?

The program takes 28 days. Each day there’s a short video (4-8 minutes) to watch and a task to do. Most participants need 15-30 minutes each day.

See what Claire said about her experience:

If you’re worried about the time commitment – it’s super easy to fit the Challenge into your day and if you miss a couple of days – it’s easy to catch up.

If in doubt – try it out!”

Claire Beck –

+ What if the participant falls behind the schedule?

Participants will have access to the videos for a year after signing up so if needed, can finish the program later, no problem!

I’ve put a lot of thought in making the Challenge as engaging as possible so that participants can’t wait to come back each day and whereas I recommend staying on track as much as possible to quickly feel the benefits of a grateful mind, I also understand that life happens 😊 

See what Katrin has said:

I have participated in a few challenges before, but none has kept me hanging in there as much as My Gratitude Challenge!” 

Katrin Sprondel –

+ I want to get My Gratitude Challenge as a gift but not as a Christmas gift. Can I do that?

Absolutely! When placing the order here, write in ‘Comments’ that this is not a Christmas gift. If it’s a birthday gift, we can change the look and the feel of the email to fit that occasion. You can also specify the date on which you would like us to inform the participant about your gift, as long as it’s at least two weeks before the start of the Challenge, so latest on January 23. 

This will give the participant enough time to prepare for the Challenge and it will alert them to look forward to receiving the Gratitude Box. 

Questions? Write me on:


+Ok… What if I want to get My Gratitude Challenge for myself too?! 😊

I’m glad you’ve asked! No problem! 

Challenges are more fun with friends so doing the Challenge together with somebody dear to you is a great way to commit to your daily practice, to have your personal accountability partner and cheerleader and to have somebody to exchange insights and delight with on a daily basis.

To sign up together with someone else:
1. Order My Gratitude Challenge as a gift here.
Register yourself to My Gratitude Challenge here.

“I wish everyone would know all these great insights and tools you’ve packaged up in My Gratitude Challenge. The world would be a better place.”

– Lisa Stähli –

Anna Stando

A personal note from Anna Stando,

the Creator of My Gratitude Challenge

I discovered the power of gratitude back in autumn 2020, when I was highly pregnant, unwell and in partial lockdown due to covid. I got caught up in the negativity around me I was worrying about the pandemic and where the world was going… Suddenly I found it hard to get out on bed on some days.

A dear friend introduced me to the topic of gratitude, and I decided to give it a go. I quickly learned that even on days when I absolutely didn’t feel like practising it, it was always making me feel better and giving me energy to get on with my day. 

Months (and a ton of research) later, I created My Gratitude Challenge, hoping to share this beautiful practice with the world.

Since then, My Gratitude Challenge has been taken by participants in Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Colombia, Zimbabwe and the US.

My hope is that My Gratitude Challenge will brighten your day too and give you tools and mindset needed to face any challenge coming your way.

All my best,


My Gratitude Challenge:

28 days to build a habit of gratitude

249 CHF

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