A 28-day program that will show you how to practise gratitude to be happier,
healthier and calmer, even when your
outer world is in chaos.

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude.
It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”

David Steindl-Rast

“My Gratitude Challenge elevated my mood, reduced my stress levels, and changed my perspective on some of the current difficulties in my life.”

– Irina Marjina –

Looking on the bright side is easier said than done.

Especially when you’re bombarded with negativity and face big and small challenges at every turn you take.

You know that you have a lot to be grateful for but sometimes you catch yourself complaining too much and focusing only on what’s wrong, instead of giving thanks for all that’s right.

And you want to do better now.

By the end of the Challenge, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your mood and you’ll have the tools and mindset to weather any storm with confidence and a smile.

My Gratitude Challenge
starts again in June 2023

This is how it works:

Sign up to My Gratitude Challenge between:

May 8 – May 26, 2023

Check your mailbox: your Gratitude Box will arrive in the week before the start.

The Challenge starts on June 5, 2023.
Your 1st video
is waiting for you.

Over the 28 days you’ll:

Understand the science behind gratitude and why it’s a key element of well-being

Master expressing gratitude in a more conscious and powerful way

Go beyond knowing on a rational level that you have a lot to be grateful for to truly feeling it in your heart

Find gratitude in unexpected places

Increase your gratitude for your relationships, health, career & money no matter what your current situation is
Discover how to use gratitude to attract anything you want in your life

Be delighted by the many surprises and goodies sprinkled through the Challenge

Develop your own gratitude practice to take beyond the Challenge

Have a lot of fun with our daily mini gratitude challenges, goodies, bonuses, accountability group, optional live calls and much more!

“Signing up for the Challenge is one of the best things I could have done in this season of my life. I’m coming out of the 28 days feeling very positive and grateful.”

– Fungai Mettler –

‘My Gratitude Challenge’ includes:

28 short daily videos & exercises

full of inspiration, insights and hands-on tips on how to practise gratitude for better mental health. The exercises will help you to find the good in your life, to appreciate the past, to cherish the present and to look forward to the future.

Gratitude Box

delivered to your home with 8 REAL symbolic goodies inside that will help you to complete daily challenges and bring a smile to your face!

Multiple Bonuses

Journaling exercises, meditations, affirmations, book recommendations, inspiring quotes and music to raise your vibes!


Two optional live group calls and a FB group to deepen your gratitude practise and get to know fellow participants!

6 ways to benefit from
My Gratitude Challenge

An instant mood-booster

My Gratitude Challenge videos will help you to start the day on a right note, so that you’re ready to face whatever is coming your way with easy and joy.


The Challenge will help you to schedule that luxurious time alone and to dedicate to inner work and your health.


This is your opportunity to gain a new perspective, reconcile the past, and find all the good in your life, even if your circumstances are tough.

The anticipation, the surprise, the delight, it’s all in there!

Your inner child is going to be SPOILED with the wonderfully packed and thoughtful goodies in your Gratitude Box!



Join the FB group and the live group calls to deepen your gratitude practise, ask your questions and make new friends!

Better mental health

Consistent gratitude practise improves your overall wellbeing, ability to cope with short- and long-term stress and builds your resilience.

Registration closes in:








Curious what other love about My Gratitude Challenge?

Get inspired by the many stories of finding joy, inner peace and hope, reducing stress, raising vibes and long-term mindset shifts that lead to a healthier life and more resilience.

A personal note from Anna Stando,

the Creator of My Gratitude Challenge

I discovered the power of gratitude in autumn 2020, when I was pregnant, unwell and in covid lockdown. I got caught up in the negativity around me and I was worrying about the pandemic and where the world was going… Suddenly I found it hard to get out on bed on some days.

That’s when I stumbled across the topic of gratitude and decided to give it a go.

I quickly learned that even on days when I absolutely didn’t feel like doing my gratitude exercises, they were always improving my mood and giving me energy to get on with my day. I got hooked.

Months (and a ton of research) later, I created My Gratitude Challenge, hoping to share this beautiful practice with the world.

Since then, My Gratitude Challenge has changed lives in Switzerland, the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Colombia, and the US.

My hope is that My Gratitude Challenge will not only brighten your day, but that it will also make your happier, healthier and more resilient, so that you can weather any storm with confidence, smile and a sense of calm.

All my best,

Anna Stando


+ Can I join from anywhere in the world?

You can join the Challenge if you’re based in Europe. Shipping cost of your gratitude box is included in the total price.

That said, if you would like to join from outside of Europe, send me a note to: hello@mygratitudechallenge.com and we might be able to make it work. Contact me as early as possible so we can ship your gratitude box on time for the start. We’ve already had participants from the US, Zimbabwe and Colombia but it requires a little bit more planning and the total cost might increase because of the shipping fees.

+ How much time does it take?

The program takes 28 days. Each day there’s a short video (4-8 minutes) to watch and a task to do. Most participants need 15-30 minutes each day.

See what Claire said about her experience:

If you’re worried about the time commitment – it’s super easy to fit the Challenge into your day and if you miss a couple of days – it’s easy to catch up.

If in doubt – try it out!”

Claire Beck –

+ What if I fall behind the schedule?

You will have access to the videos for a year after signing up so if needed, can finish the program later, no problem!

I’ve put a lot of thought in making the Challenge as engaging as possible so that you can’t wait to come back each day and whereas I recommend staying on track as much as possible to quickly feel the benefits of a grateful mind, I also understand life happens 😊 

See what Katrin has said:

I have participated in a few challenges before, but none has kept me hanging in there as much as My Gratitude Challenge!” 

Katrin Sprondel –

+ What's the Refund Policy?

A: I have a 100% refund policy on 2 conditions:
1. You must submit your refund request within the first 7 days of the Challenge. For the Challenge that starts on June 5, this would mean letting me know no later than on June 12.

2. You need to fill in a short feedback form.
+ What happens after I order?
I make a happy dance and you receive a confirmation email with further details! Please make sure to check your spam and promotion folder and move the email to your primary mailbox, so that you can receive future communication without any problems. No email? Contact me at hello@mygratitudechallenge.com.
You will also need to keep an eye on your mailbox as your Gratitude Box is on its way to you! It will arrive just before the start the Challenge.
From June 5 and all the way till July 2, 2023 you’ll be receiving a daily email with a video and a task and working on reducing your stress ad building resilience through a consistent gratitude practice.

“Life changing! The videos were so comforting, and I loved putting them on around 8:30 each morning and starting my day this way. I really loved the Challenge from A to Z.”

– Laurence Kozera –

 Join My Gratitude Challenge

Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health.

Start your 28-day journey to more happiness, resilience and better mental health through a consistent gratitude practise today.

249 CHF

(approx. 250 EUR)