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Signing up for the Challenge is one of the best things I could have done for myself in this season of my life. I am coming out of the 28 Days feeling very positive and grateful. I am so happy to know that I can take an active role in manifesting my dreams through practicing gratitude. The daily activities and challenges were so engaging and exciting. The goodies were simply amazing and motivating. If you want to change your attitude towards life, regardless of your current situation, this Challenge is for you.


If you’re considering joining My Gratitude Challenge, just go for it! No matter in what situation you are currently, I‘m sure My Gratitude Challenge will be an eye-opening experience that provides you with a great toolbox to become a better and happier version of yourself. The Challenge helped me to take better care of myself, my body and my soul and do more of the things that really make me happy. Thank you Anna for bringing gratitude and sunshine to my life!


When you challenge yourself, you grow. My Gratitude Challenge dares you to expand your internal capacities in a soft yet meaningful way. Anna’s energy and vulnerability lead you valiantly in this exploration! Beautiful experience, packed with knowledge, practical advice and love! Plus, I love the Gratitude Box (and so did my kids!) Recommended with ❤️!


Great concept, great ideas, I’m impressed! My Gratitude Challenge is an amazing self-discovery journey. The research and the effort Anna put into this program are way more than what I was expecting. The mix of theory and examples from her private life make it so accessible and easy to identify with. I really liked Anna’s smile and energy and I was looking forward to the Challenge every day. And the Gratitude Box gave me a real VIP feeling! I’m now gifting the Challenge to people dear to me.


My Gratitude Challenge is a great and much needed initiative without a doubt. My favorite thing was the “handholding” nature of the program, meaning that Anna was always there for you on a daily basis, and helped to keep up the spirit. I felt generally more relaxed during my participation in this program. Some of the topics/exercises were truly eye opening and provided useful learnings. We must realize that mindset matters and putting a positive spin on challenging things can reduce stress. Being lost in negativity and not appreciating what we have is a real risk for many people and My Gratitude Challenge helps to address that. It requires effort to be grateful, but it is worth it.


This was such a wonderfully curated challenge. Anna has put such amazing and thoughtful details together to make this a really special exercise and not just a tokenistic gesture. From the evidence based videos, to the thoughtful accompanying songs and goodies, and cemented with the various challenge activities each day, it provided a very genuine and helpful way to really tap into and harness our gratitude muscle. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to establish a regular gratitude practice and have no doubt it will inspire you to do so as it has for me!”


My Gratitude Challenge is a personal journey that helps us work on ourselves first, and then, shapes the way we connect with our environment, nature, family, friends and workplace. I feel more aligned with my values and equipped to find balance and happiness in what I do. I am also determined to co-create a culture of gratitude in my team. I also loved the Gratitude Box, it complements the Challenge so well, adds a lot of spark and drives engagement!


It was a thoughtful challenge that helped me to think about the positive in a wide range of situations and topics. Anna is a real cheerleader, and she is very authentic. The program is easy to follow even if you have a busy life, it is grounding and it was great to be part of a community. As I love surprises, the Gratitude Box was giving me a lot of joy and excitement too! I have recommended the Challenge to countless people who like to experiment and make some changes in the way they see or enjoy life!


If you are looking to energize your days and welcome more creativity into your life, consciously practising gratitude is a great starting point! Let Anna guide you on a reflective and creative journey to refresh your life perspective and regain awareness and appreciation for the small and big events taking place in your life. Anna has put her mark on My Gratitude Challenge, and you’ll love the thoughtful goodies and the fantastic playlist she’s created to inspire you.


My Gratitude Challenge was an opportunity to lift up the quality of my inner life, attitude and energy. It invited me to stay grounded, committed to notice amazing things that happen every day. And while being more aware of positivity around me, I definitely started valuing the life itself too! Anna’s messages, the very well thought-through goodies, all so beautiful and feminine – all together it creates very positive vibes! The challenges are a daily activator for a great start to the day so I would recommend listening to the videos in the morning.


 Anna has changed my point of view on so many things and now I have the tools to share my gratitude with people dear to me! I have enjoyed My Gratitude Challenge a lot and I loved the Gratitude Box. It was giving me so much joy and it encouraged to me to the daily challenges and learn new things. It makes the whole experience more colourful and makes you feel so special.


If you are searching for a joyful way to start your days, or have been lacking good energy recently, or maybe you would just like to discover the powerful tool of gratitude, this is a challenge for you! It will give you the needed boost and tools to kick off your days with ease and joy. I loved the goodies and looked forward to unpacking them on the given days as they gave us something tangible beyond the cognitive exercises. It reminded me that gratitude and kindness matter – and that both are choices. Thank you, Anna, for making this Challenge! And congratulations on your great work!


I received My Gratitude Challenge as gift from my dear sister. I loved it and it turn my month into a more interesting time. I have found many more great moments inside of my everyday routine. Besides daily videos, I also received a beautifully packed gift box, full of great things, that added extra energy to the program. During the Challenge, I learned that practising gratitude every day is very important and powerful, and it can truly help us to turn our normal days into brighter ones.


If in doubt, try it out! I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself into when I signed up for My Gratitude Challenge, however any doubts I had were quickly put to one side by Anna before we even started! The Challenge is full of practical tips to ensure that you leave with a routine to practice gratitude. If you’re worried about the time commitment – it’s super easy to fit into your day and if you miss a couple of days – it’s easy to catch up. The live calls are a great experience to get to know other people on the program and to share experiences about practicing gratitude. Anna – Thank you for running such a lively and energetic program.


My Gratitude Challenge really encourages you to switch your mindset and start seeing life experiences and situations in a different, brighter light 😉 The great part of it is the small group you do this together with which helps you for discussion and examples and the very fun ‘advent calendar’ style box with gratitude goodies it comes along with.


Thank you, Anna 🙏🏻 you’re doing such a wonderful thing for all of us with this challenge! I wish everybody would know all the great insights & tools you’ve packaged up in these videos & emails… the world would be a better place 🤗💛


It was a happy moment in my day to watch the videos from ‘My Gratitude Challenge’ and feel Anna’s positive energy. Plus, the goodies were so thoughtful, beautiful, useful, so lovingly packed. They were my highlight!


My Gratitude Challenge elevated my mood, reduced my stress levels, and changed my perspective on some of the current situations in my life. It helped me to find different ways to show my appreciation to people and for things and adopt a more grateful mindset. The daily videos were full of useful examples that made me feel close to Anna and the Gratitude Box is delightful and makes this program really unique!


My Gratitude Challenge has been a great opportunity to look at my personal life – past, present and future – with eyes of kindness. It was a great companion for 28 days, full of surprises and tips that will last well beyond the Challenge. It is not only about Gratitude, but also about compassion, self-acceptance and empathy. I would recommend it to all those who know that there is a bright side of life or who would like to know more about it.


My Gratitude Challenge was the highlight of my year! It helped me not only to survive one of the harshest periods of my life but also to reframe positively my experiences. Therefore I truly recommend this fabulous, insightful and colourful journey to your inner self.


For 28 days, My Gratitude Challenge has been my morning routine and I can’t imagine a better way to start the day than having my attention focused on the beautiful things in my life. So, yes, for 28 days, I have been wearing my rose-colored glasses but… the effect lasts beyond the Challenge itself! Thanks to the new habits, pragmatic tools and new perspectives gained, I am on the way to make gratitude a habit and that gives a wonderful savor to my daily life.


I want to say thank you. This challenge means a lot to me. I now have some new ideas of how to practise gratitude and how to be happy. I’m not saying that those intense feelings and pressure that I had 28 days ago now have gone, but I now have an idea how to cope with it and how to consciously focus on the good things that are happening in my life as well. I am optimistic about the rest of the year. So thank you again for this amazing Challenge.


I met Anna during a Women’s Hub meeting in Zurich, and I thought her idea was really nice. I had already attended a writing workshop on happiness, and gratitude was one the main factors contributing to our wellbeing. I found Anna’s Challenges inspiring and easy to achieve. I loved the variety of topics: your home, your work, your attitude, your food… and also the lovely gift box full of surprises!


Fantastic program! I enjoyed the journey very much and I loved Anna’s energy and her teaching style. I’m now so much more conscious about the beautiful things that surround me and that are constantly happening my life. This helps me not to lose hope when life is less than perfect. I highly recommend the Challenge and I’ve even gifted it to somebody dear to me, hoping it will have the same positive impact on them, as it had on me.


Thank you for everything, Anna! My Gratitude Challenge has been a very helpful tool to stop, focus on being grateful for a couple of minutes, and continue my day with a different perspective. I also really loved the optional group calls and learned so much from them. Gratitude is such a powerful character strength. The more we bring it to our lives, the more well-being we have.


I’ve participated in a few challenges before but none has kept me hanging in there as much as My Gratitude Challenge! Fantastic job! I now have a much better awareness of all that good around me, much of which I used to take for granted before. I’ve also discovered so many wonderful new things and learnt to cherish them. It all adds to my general happiness and improves my mental health. Thanks so much!


I can only recommend to join the Challenge and to be active! My two teenage girls were curious about what I was doing, so we did all the daily challenges together and it was truly beautiful. We learned lots of valuable things about being grateful, even when life is tough some days or weeks. Anna explains it all with a lot of passion and it’s easy to understand why she’s the Ambassador for this way of thinking!! Keep up the great work Anna!


My Gratitude Challenge made me feel calmer and happier! It was re-centering for me. One of the aspects I enjoyed most was the research behind the practice which gave me the extra motivation and trust that it’s really beneficial for my mental health. It was also fun and interesting to see how others were living the various challenges. Very recommended!


My Gratitude Challenge has changed the way I look at things and how I experience each day. It’s made me appreciate more all that happens and all that I have. It gave me the tools and taught discipline to practice gratitude regularly and in so many different ways. Finally, it has positively impacted how I feel. I am truly grateful I took part in the Challenge. Thank you Anna Stando for organizing it so professionally and at the same time for keeping it fun!


I loved going through this inspiring Challenge with you – I’m gonna miss your daily videos! I already feel how my newly acquired “attitude of gratitude” is making me a more balanced person. So: thank you – danke – merci – grazie – engraziel fitg – dank u well – tapadh leat – gracias – obrigada – tack – kiitos – spasiba – xiexie – terima kaseh – khop khun khaa – shukran – thuda!”


Life changing! The videos were so comforting and I loved putting them on around 8:30 every morning, starting my working day, listening to Anna’s wisdom. The Challenge wrapped me in a soft and comforting blanket of gratitude. My whole house is now full of reminders to be grateful for all the good fortune in my life and weeks later, I’m still keeping up with the good habits. I’ve recommended the Challenge to many people and I gifted it to a friend too. Bottom line: I loved it from A to Z! Very, very, very well done!


Anna is a master in teaching the craft of gratitude. I learned that gratitude involves simple steps but is existential in shaping our perspective on life. And when we think about it, it is the only thing in life we can truly control.


I truly enjoyed this experience because of Anna’s authenticity and real-life examples. They were very relatable and gave me confidence that the tools will also work for me! It’s already the second workshop I booked with Anna, and her teaching style is always empathetic and with practical, easy to use tips which make a difference.


My Gratitude Challenge was a great way to challenge my own mindset, build resilience and rethink my approach to the world. It felt like a brain training – rewiring your brain to focus on the many things there are to be thankful for. I can recommend doing My Gratitude Challenge to anyone looking for a refreshing push and a handy toolbox for retraining their mindset.