How I reclaimed my creativity, and how you can too

Jun 7, 2022

I suffered from a huge imposter syndrome when speaking with Cathlene Bell for her podcast “Create Imperfect Anyway”. I’m laughing nervously a lot and I’m stumbling over my words at first but I want you to listen to it anyway.

I’m not an artist…
I’m not a painter, not a writer, not a musician…

The only things I ever crocheted (badly) are two wool blankets for my children before they were born. I am not even creative in the kitchen. If I needed to cook, it would be pasta pesto in our home every day.

Cathlene on the other, that’s somebody whom I call Creative with a capital ‘C’. She sings beautifully, she plays instruments, she writes, she paints, she always has a DYI project going on and she’s a storyteller at heart. Bloody intimidating. Oh, and have I mentioned, she produces her podcast herself?!

So to tell you the truth, it didn’t feel like I belonged on that podcast at first. But by the end of it, Cathlene made me to call myself (on air!) ‘creative’ and there’s no turning back.


  • How I reclaimed my creativity and how you can too
  • Why the saying “If not through the door, then through the window” describes best the Polish approach to overcoming obstacles and why I used to say it with mixed feelings of pride and shame
  • My two life mantras that I repeat in my head when I’m frustrated about not having enough time to do something absolutely perfectly (=always). They have saved my sanity and helped me to show the world “My (Imperfect) Gratitude Challenge” that has now helped almost 100 people
  • How I caught ‘the creative bug’ and where you can get it too (leave your mask at home)



Are you creative in the traditional, artist-like way, or are you an outside-of-the-box thinker? Or do you feel like the last creative thing you made was when you were 7…?

In the comments below, tell me about your relationship with creativity and share your main takeaway from this episode. I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Chengetai

    I am creative in the kitchen and home decor part, but i dont know how i can turn into a business

    • Anna Stando

      Thanks so much for commenting Chengetai and I’m sorry for replying only now – I’m still learning my way around the blog 🙂 I love to hear how you own your creativity in the kitchen and in home decor! I believe that creativity doesn’t always need to be monetized (I bet it often sucks the joy out of it!) but if you would like to give it a go, the first step for me would be to see if there’s a buyer for your product/service? Would somebody like to hire you for catering or re-doing their space? If yes, there you go: you have a business! It can start small (even without a website) and it might grow to something bigger. I would love to hear from other readers how they’ve turned their creativity into business!

  2. Linda

    Fun to see creativity through your lens, Anna! You are creative!

    • Anna Stando

      Ah Linda, thanks so much for your encouragement! And what about you? On the scale from 1 to 10: how creative are you and where do you use your creativity?


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