Let’s talk about stress

Jan 9, 2023

Reducing stress doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to be effective.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed and negative, I take a few minutes to write in my gratitude diary and it works every single time.

Gratitude doesn’t eliminate my challenges or minimize them, but it stops me from spiralling down into depression. It calms me down by reminding me of all the good in my life, and by the time I’m done writing, I feel stronger, and I’m ready to face whatever is coming my way.

It’s been a pleasure to talk to Hannah Holden, host of “Let’s Talk About Stress Podcast” about how a consistent gratitude practise can help you to deal with short- and long- term stress, making you more resilient. You can listen in on our conversation on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


  • How negativity bias increases your stress level and why gratitude can help you to offset some of that negativity
  • The many other surprising benefits of gratitude – pick your favourite!
  • A simple exercise that you can start doing right now – and involve your loved ones too!
  • Why showing appreciation at work is important and why most companies get it wrong
  • How to review your year through the lens of gratitude – and here’s your free template to do so
  • My own experience with gratitude and what led me to creating my online program “My Gratitude Challenge”. If you’re thinking of joining the next round starting on February 6, tune in to find out why, what, when and how!
About Hannah

Hannah and I met through an entrepreneurial mastermind group, and I’ve been watching in awe as she builds her business. Hannah is an ex-Management Consultant turned wellbeing coach and on her podcast dives into personal experiences, scientific research, and professional insights to help you get comfortable talking about and managing stress.

She also has a great episode about New Year’s resolutions and how to “say goodbye to resolutions that end in failure and self-flagellation and say hello to feeling inspired by the person you are becoming!” You can also get a free meditation and workboard that goes with it here.

Want to go even further? Join my upcoming Vision Board Workshop on January 12, for an extra motivation to keep up with your resolutions and make your dreams come true in 2023. Learn more here.

Happy New Year! May it be a year where stress doesn’t consume us but motivates us to give our best!

With love,


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