10 questions to review your 2022 through the lens of gratitude

Dec 11, 2022

I’ve got something for you

A Year In Review


Grab a pen and a warm drink, print this FREE template, fill it in, and give thanks that you’ve had another year to live, love and learn ❤️

This is a perfect exercise to pause and reflect on another eventful year and to dial up your gratitude practice, just in time for 2023.

I absolutely love this time of the year and taking a minute for myself to look back, to appreciate the good and to reflect on the silver linings in the hardships. It helps me to make sense of the past and to prepare myself for the future. It cements my learnings and highlights my blessings. It allows me to close this chapter of my life and it frees space in my head for the new and exciting.

Set aside 30 minutes and write it all out ✒️

It’ll be worth it. These 10 self-reflection questions are a great way to appreciate what you have and to make peace with the past before moving on to planning a wonderful 2023.

When you’re done writing your answers, you’ll feel happier, centered, and hopeful about the future, and that’s a promise. I know I did after completing this exercise.

Let me share with you what came up for me when I thought about the first question.

When I think about 2022, this is what I’m most grateful for:

The health of my family members.

My daughter was seriously ill this summer and my heart is filled with gratitude that she has recovered so well. She is running around again, singing songs, making puzzles and making us laugh.

I’m incredibly grateful to all the fantastic doctors who have been taking such a great care of her (and frankly, also us – parents -, through this emotional turmoil) with compassion, kindness and patience. I’ll also forever remember the support of my family and friends who were taking care of my son, cooking us meals, supporting us through every surgery, sending us gifts, visiting her and checking in on her recovery and our mental health – you know who you are ❤️

Heck, I’m even grateful to have paid thousands and thousands of francs for health insurance over the years! Not only did she get splendid care, but we also didn’t get a single bill. How different and more stressful would it have been if we were in a different country?!

What about you? Wat are you most grateful for when you think about 2022?

Let me know in the comments. I would absolutely love to know what stands out for you and why.

Answer this and the other 9 questions I’ve prepared for you and gain a new appreciation for all your experiences in 2022. It’s worth reminding yourself of all the good in your life over and over again, and especially if this year has challenged you beyond anything you thought possible. 

Here’s your template.

In 2023, make it a habit to regularly practise gratitude. Your capacity to deal with stress will increase, your mental health will improve, and you’ll stay healthy, joyful and calm – even when your outer world is in chaos.

Have a friend who loves journaling and would like to do this exercise with you?

Forward them blog post, encourage them to fill in the template and next time you meet – compare notes. I’m sure that you’ll have the most beautiful conversation.

Now you’ve waved an affectionate goodbye to 2023, are you ready to start dreaming big in 2023?

Last year I ran a Vision Board Workshop exclusively for the Alumni of My Gratitude Challenge, but I’m excited to share that I’m opening it up this year to anyone! I’ll share more details very soon.

With love,


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