Can 15 min of gratitude make you happier and calmer?

Oct 18, 2022

One of the questions I often get about gratitude is this one: can just 15 min of gratitude really make you happier and calmer? 🧐

The short answer is: yes but…

The long answer is: dedicating 15 minutes a day to appreciate all that is good in your life can help you to deal with whatever comes your way in a healthier way. May it be tackling your never-ending to-do list or dealing with life shuttering events like loss, illness or heartache…

When things go right, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking them for granted.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on the negative and to lose sight of all the goodness in your life. And to spiral down into depression.

Wherever you’re now, learning how to find gratitude in everything that is unfolding for you, is the first step to becoming more resilient, happier and calmer.

In just 15 minutes, gratitude helps you:

  • to focus on what’s good in your life, not only on what’s wrong (that’s the easy part)
  • to find a silver lining in any difficult situation, making it easier to work through it (half the challenge in any problem is our mindset!)
  • to ground yourself, calm your nervous system and gain perspective on your life
  • to be here and now and to slow down
  • to give meaning to your life and the trials you’re going through

Here’s the BUT:

Doing it once can be a quick mood-booster, but it will not result in any long-term benefits like better mental health, increased overall wellbeing, greater ability to cope with short- and long-term stress and it will not make you more resilient.

It takes time to re-wire your brain for positivity.

If you want to see the benefits, you need to stick with it.

Like with any other habit, learning to be grateful no matter what, takes time and practice. And as the habit guru B.J. Fogg said in “Tiny Habits”: “No behaviour happens without a prompt.”

Let My Gratitude Challenge be your daily prompt. 28 times.

My favourite thing was the “handholding” nature of the program, meaning that Anna was always there for me, on a daily basis, and she helped to keep up the spirit.”

Wake up, do whatever you need to do first thing in the morning and then sit down with your morning cup of a tea and start the cold, rainy, grey November day with a short video from My Gratitude Challenge. I promise that it will make you smile.

Give yourself the luxury of starting slow and on a high note. Taking the time to watch the video and to do your daily task will raise your vibrations, shift your perspective and help you to stay calm during the day, no matter what. Do that for 28 days in a row and it’ll become second nature and something that you’ll benefit from for a lifetime.

My Gratitude Challenge starts on November 7

(and the registration closes this Sunday, October 23).

You only need to invest 15 minutes each day to reap the benefits, but I’ll bet my favourite sweeties that you’ll love certain tasks so much that you’ll gladly take more time to do them. Good for you! You deserve the time to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. Plus, I think you’ll love coming back each day:

I’ve participated in a few challenges before, but none has kept me hanging in there as much as My Gratitude Challenge!”

This is your last chance to do the program in 2022.

I already feel how my newly acquired attitude of gratitude is making me a more balanced person

Everything that I’ve learnt through My Gratitude Challenge adds to my general happiness and improves my mental health”

My Gratitude Challenge made me feel calmer and happier! It was re-centering”

I’ve learnt through the Challenge to be more conscious about the many beautiful things around me and it helps me not to lose hope when life isn’t perfect”

This could be you:

Life changing! The videos were so comforting and I loved putting them on around 8:30 each morning, starting my working day and listening to Anna’s wisdom. The Challenge wrapped me in a soft blanket of gratitude. My whole house is now full of reminders to be grateful for all the good fortune in my life and weeks later, I’m keeping up with the good habits. I’ve recommended the Challenge to many people, and I gifted it to a friend too. Bottom line: I loved it from A to Z! Very, very, very well done!”

Are you ready?

With love,


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